Academic Regulations

Academic Year

The regular academic year is divided into three 11-week quarters; Fall, Winter, and Spring. Summer quarter session will also be scheduled.

Grading System

Score Grade Significance Quality Points Per Hour
(92-100) A Excellent 4
(83-91) B Good 3
(72-82) C Average 2
(65-71) D Low Passing 1
(Below 65) F Failing 0
  WP Withdrew Passing 0
  WF Withdrew Failing 0
  I Incomplete 0
  N Audit 0

An "I" will be given only when necessary and should not be regarded as a convenience for the student. It will be calculated as a failing grade unless it is removed by the end of the next quarter.

Unit of Credit

The unit of credit is the quarter hour. One quarter hour of credit represents one 50-minute period per week of lecture or classroom situation during an 11-week quarter.


Student Load

The normal undergraduate load is not more than 15 quarter hours for the undergraduate student and 12 quarter hours for the graduate student.

Class Scheduling

Each student will meet with the Dean or a faculty member for the purpose of having his schedule approved each quarter. The student, however, is responsible for meeting all requirements as set out in the catalog.

Academic Classification

Freshman - student who has earned 0-54 quarter hours of credit

Sophomore - student who has earned 55-108 quarter hours of credit

Junior - student who has earned 109-162 quarter hours of credit

Senior - students who has earned 163 or more quarter hours of credit

Special - student who is working toward a certificate, or one involved in non-credit study at Tennessee Bible College

Disclosure About Transferability of Credits

Academic Honors

Each quarter two honor rolls will be posted. These will be known as the "Dean's List" and the "President's List." To receive either one of these honors, a student must be full-time, and have a grade point average of 3.00 for the Dean's List and 3.5 for the President's List.

Graduation Honors

Full-time undergraduates will graduate with honors if they have accumulated an overall grade point average of:

Summa Cum Laude     3.85

Magna Cum Laude       3.6

Cum Laude                 3.3


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