Academic & Financial Information

Grading System

Score Grade Significance Quality Points Per Hour
92-100 A Excellent 4
83-91 B Good 3
72-82 C Average 2
65-71 D Low Passing 1
Below 65 F Failing 0
  WP Withdrew Passing 0
  WF Withdrew Failing 0
  I Incomplete 0
  N Audit 0

An “Incomplete” will be given only when necessary and should not be regarded as a convenience for the student. It will be calculated as a failing grade unless it is removed by the end of the next quarter.

Academic Classification

Freshman - student who has earned 0-54 quarter hours of credit
Sophomore - student who has earned 55-108 hours of credit
Junior - student who has earned 109-162 quarter hours of credit
Senior - student who has earned 163 or more quarter hours of credit

Disclosure About Transferability of Credits


Tennessee Bible College provides no formal placement service.

Charges and Expenses

Tuition is $50 per quarter hour for undergraduate students and $60 per quarter hour for graduate students.

Program Length Credit Hours Total Costs
Two-Year Diploma 24 Months 100 $5,000.00
Bachelor of Religious Education 48 Months 201 $10,050.00
Master of Theology 24 Months 48 $2,880.00
Doctor of Theology 36 Months 87 $5,220.00

Tennessee Bible College is authorized by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission.

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