36th Annual Spiritual Renewal Lectureship

February 27-March 1, 2015

“Is Your Religion as Good as You Sing It?"

Friday, February 27

7 p.m. Singing (Northeast Auditorium)

7:30 p.m. “Blessed Assurance” - Tom Holland

Saturday, February 28

9 a.m. “O Worship the King” - Herb Alsup (Carr Chapel)

10 a.m. “Don’t You Want to be Ready to Go?” - Ronnie Cobb (NE Aud.)

11 a.m. “You Never Mentioned Him to Me” - Glenn Jobe (NE Aud.)

Noon - Barbecue Lunch Provided - Northeast Multipurpose Room

1 p.m. “I Want to be a Worker for the Lord” - Robert Boles (Carr Chapel/Men)

1 p.m. “Precious Memories” - David Hill (Cotham Room/Ladies)

2 p.m. “The Gospel is for All” - Dwight Fuqua (NE Aud.)

7 p.m. -Friends of TBC Dinner - American Bank & Trust (Fundraising Event)
(Entertainment by The Rigneys)

Sunday, February 23

9 a.m. “I’ll Be a Friend to Jesus” - Ted Knight

10 a.m. “A Beautiful Life” - Ted Knight

5 p.m. President’s Chicken Supper - Northeast Multipurpose Room

6 p.m. “I Want to Be Ready” - Ted Knight

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Audio from past lectureships

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