Part 1

What does the Bible teach about the end of time and the end of this world we now live in?
There are some basic views concerning teachings of what is called the millennial, as it is termed. The doctrines concern predominantly Revelation chapter 20. First, are those who teach premillennialism. To explain the word premillennialism we take the prefix pre meaning “before” and “millennial” meaning “one thousand.” These folks believe Jesus will return and reign before a thousand years. The second group believe in postmillennialism. The prefix post means “after.” So we have the view that there will be a golden age of righteousness and peace for the Church at the end of which Christ will come and there will be a resurrection. Third, is the theology of those who believe in amillennialism. “A-” meaning against. In other words the idea that there is no such doctrine in the Bible as a millennial period.
The theological concern of this series of articles will focus on what is popularly called dispensational premillennialism. While there are variations of teaching on this doctrine, the basic idea is that there are seven dispensations in the history of God’s relationship with human-kind. Peter said that with the Lord a thousand years are as one day (2 Peter 3:8). God rested on the seventh day. The number seven is therefore, significant to decoding the Bible. It is taught by some that Jesus’ return is imminent today because we are supposedly near the seventh period or dispensation of history. It is understood by dispensationalists Jesus gave a number of signs in Matthew 24 that correlate to events happening right now in the world. The events in the Middle East are central, for example. The rapture is about to occur, which is God’s snatching up all saints, while life will go on for those left on the earth (the unbelievers and the unrepentant sinners). Raptured people will be with the Lord for a period of seven years.
Those left on the earth for seven years will experience huge conflict and a terrible war called the Battle of Armageddon. This conflict will terminate with the arrival of Christ in his third coming with His saints. He will at this time establish His throne in Jerusalem and rule the world for a thousand years of peace and prosperity. At the end of one thousand years, Jesus is said to hand the kingdom to God and there will be a final judgment, and then eternal bliss for the redeemed and hell for the damned. These are the basic tenets of dispensational premillennialism. I know that I have not explained every detail. Now what exactly does the Bible teach concerning this matter?
In this series of posts we will dig deep into Scripture in an effort to unearth the truth regarding the theology of dispensationalism. I must say, I know that those who believe in any millennial view are sincere in their understanding. An honest investigation of the Bible will be conducted.
To be continued….