A new book released under the TBC Press umbrella at Tennessee Bible College aims to direct readers to biblical answers regarding moral issues.
The book, titled “Right From the Beginning: In a World of Wrong,” was written by TBC Vice President Kerry Duke and is the second volume in what is known as the Faith-Building Series.
“When you think of famous teaching of the Bible on how we should live, sections like the Ten Commandments or the Sermon on the Mount might come to mind,” Duke said. “But many of the most fundamental and important principles of morality are in the opening chapters of the Bible.”
While “Genesis” means beginning, Duke emphasized that the first book of the Bible is not just about the origin of Earth.
“It is the beginning of God’s instructions for mankind,” he said. “If this teaching were given in homes and schools today, we wouldn’t have many of the societal problems that are eroding our civilization.”
Duke said that while the issues addressed in the book go back thousands of years, they are still the questions people ask today: marriage, same-sex relations, capital punishment, treatment of animals, environmental ethics, work ethics, race issues and the role of free will in decisions of right and wrong.
“There’s plenty for anyone to think about, but (this book) is especially for young adults from high school age to college level to young parents,” Duke said. “Sadly, a growing number of youth in this country have never heard these things explained from a biblical viewpoint.”
“Right From the Beginning” may be purchased at TBC at 1616 McCulley Road in Cookeville or by visiting this link, TBC Press. It is available in hard copy ($10) and Kindle format ($7.50). The first book of the Faith-Building Series, “Pillars of the Faith: God, Christ, and the Bible,” is also available. Two more volumes are scheduled for publication in 2020.

– Amy Davis, TBC Corespondent