COOKEVILLE ‒ Know the way to church?

Just ask the campers at Tennessee Bible College’s annual Truth Bible Camp held June 13-17. They learned “the way to church” ‒ which was this year’s theme ‒ and lots more about the importance of assembling for worship as God intended.

“I learned that the church is much more than just a building,” camper Clara Boswell said. “It is the saved Christians, the local churches and the assembly.”

Camper Kyle Davis added, “There are three definitions: first is the universal church, second is the local congregation, and third is the worship assembly.”

Truth Bible Camp is held each June for ages 9-18. Next year’s camp in 2022 will mark the 25th year. Campers receive age-appropriate training in Christian living and participate in Bible classes, devotionals, sermon preparation for the boys, Bible lesson preparation for the girls, community service projects and recreational activities.

“Everything was great,” camper Katey Beason said. “The food was awesome, and the experience of learning about God with other people was amazing.”

Camper Tinsley Ward agreed.

“It’s a great experience!” she said.

What was the best part?

“Everything, but most of all it’s the people around you who lift you up when you need it,” she said.

Tinsley said she learned “to be brave” when faced with something she may be hesitant to do, such as lead a prayer in a ladies’ Bible class.

While the boys worked on sermons, scripture readings, songs and prayers for an evening service attended by family and friends at the conclusion of camp, the girls prepared to lead a Bible class for women.

Katey appreciated the separate girl time during camp.

“The best part was getting to do our own lesson and do things girls don’t normally do, like lead a prayer or song,” she said.

Camper Luke Davis enjoyed the opportunity to learn how he could participate in worship.

“In chapel, I learned how to lead a song,” he said.

Clara Boswell added, “Camp is something unique. There’s something special about being busy all day, whether you’re learning, playing games, or just laughing with friends. It’s always been a special place for me where I can just be myself and know that I’m safe with my Christian brothers and sisters.”

During the service at the conclusion of camp, campers Caden Sisco, Kyle Davis and Greene Puckett delivered sermons, the topics being “What is the Church?”, “When was the Church established?” and “How do you get into the Church?”

In addition, several campers were recognized with special awards as follows:

Star Day Campers: Anna Berkley Puckett and Kevin Reeder;

Top Camper: Amerra Ballinger;

Most Christlike: Greene Puckett and Ciana Cobb.

This year’s camp theme was based on the latest book in TBC’s faith building series for Christian youth, “What is Church?” written by TBC Vice President Kerry Duke. It can be ordered from TBC Press at

For more information about Tennessee Bible College and Truth Bible Camp, call 931-526-2616 or visit

-Amy Davis, TBC Correspondent