“One university after another is bowing before the violent demands of a small minority of radicals who intend to overthrow the existing government…The radicals fully intend to overthrow the national government and replace  it according to their own fuzzy, undefined lines which they cannot explain. They have decided to seek as many confrontations with the police and university officials as they possibly can. They are using terror tactics in some parts of the country now.”

This was written fifty years ago in the July 1970 issue of the Voice of Freedom.
Following these observations was a short article entitled “How to Destroy a Country”:
“Affirm man’s animal origin, nature and functions to the exclusion of everything else, and ridicule all reference to his spiritual qualities.
Inculcate general disrespect for any kind of authority by urging people to obey their own impulses in the name of freedom.
Hamper the enforcement of the criminal code with decisions that slow down the judicial
process and make it difficult to arrest, convict and sentence a culprit for an offense against society…
Import vast supplies of hallucinogenic drugs and make them available to the youth of the land; then provide the youth with plenty of money with which to buy them.
Loosen all restraint on the entertainment media so that sexual license may be presented to the public in its rawest form…
Corrupt the youth of the land by permitting pornography, obscenity and general immorality to be indulged in freely without fear of arrest or persecution…
Soft-pedal all discussion of loyalty, responsibility, patriotism, duty and sacrifice in order that freedom of dissent may be established.
Split the older and younger generations by encouraging them to distrust each other and to condemn each other’s institutions.
Pollute the air, the streams and lakes, and erode the land until the environment is so poisoned that life can no longer be enjoyed…
Indoctrinate the public into believing that God is dead, Jesus Christ is a myth, Christianity, a by-word for an ancient superstition, and the church an institution that mankind has outgrown.”
“The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God” (Psalm 9:17).
Kerry Duke, TBC’s VP of Academics and Academic Affairs