“For as long as I can remember I was taught by my family and fellow church members the importance of using the Bible as a daily guide through the ups and downs of this life. The Bible was written by God, and there is nothing that we can face in this life for which He does not have an answer. I will never forget how one of my Sunday school teachers tried to teach me this fact by having my class keep a journal of problems and events that occurred during the week. We would then discuss how we could have used Bible teachings and principles to work through those problems. I remember once writing about how I had gotten into a verbal argument with another girl in my 4th grade class at school, and my Sunday school teacher asked me how I could have used the Bible to keep from getting into that argument. I looked at her and replied, ‘the Bible says thou shalt not kill.’ Although I now know the importance of avoiding verbal altercations with others, my teacher found humor in the answer that her 9-year-old pupil gave, and in return I gained insight about how important it was to use the Bible in my daily life through this activity.” -Brandi Gann, Facing Life’s Challenges With God’s Help

Brandi Gann, wife of TBC alumnus and teacher Jason Gann, has written a book for ladies entitled “Facing Life’s Challenges With God’s Help.” Brandi draws from her experience as a mental health counselor to teach lessons about moods, purity, modesty, abortion, discipline, and other topics in this women’s study book. To order copies of this book please contact Yeoman Press:

Yeomen Press
c/o Roger Erickson
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Pictured: Brandi Gann and TBC’s President, David Hill