How do I find my way home to God? (Part 3) By: Donny Weimar

(Sister’s Response)
Let me apologize ….there is a sentence in my last message worded incorrectly ..I just saw it …..” How do you help someone when you are drained yourself?”   That was incorrectly
worded.  I am so sorry.  The question should have been worded…” How do I help someone else when I am drained myself?”

I do apologize.  As I stated in my first email I am not a good speaker or writer.
Please accept my apology.
I will find my way.  I found a good church.  They are the most loving people I have ever met.  Their beliefs are different from the church of Christ, but their love for people is unmatched.
The last three years and going forward have been the roughest I have known since I buried almost half of my family at the tender age of eight.   I think I am going to
stay with this church for the foreseeable future.  It’s a long story.  Bottom line is I am not Paul or Moses or Job.   I can not even imagine their faith much less live it.
Perhaps one day I will be back, till then I need to heal BIG TIME.
Sorry for the miss worded question and sorry to have bothered you.
Thank you for the scriptures you shared.  I appreciate you sharing them.  I have read them and will keep reading them.    They definitely have a message.
Prayers for your journey …God bless you and your family.

(My Response)

Dearest Sister,
I have, absolutely, not been offended in any way whatsoever. In fact, I was concerned that I may have been too aggressive with trying to say what I wanted to communicate with you. I’m known for my harshness and bluntness to some folks, and I’m trying my best to be gentle. I knew the first time I read your first email post that you had a measure of faith.
We are both sinful people. I have no right to judge you for words or how you have said them. I might be able to discern what God judges sometimes with some people. But, I am in no position to sit in my arm-chair and cast lightning bolts at what is your life. After all, there remains that log in my eye, still stuck in some ways. You should become aware that I have been writing a long time and I want to recommend a book that I have written. “Christian With Bipolar Disorder.” I say this because someone said that you go through something like what I have suffered with for a very long time. What they said might be untrue. I don’t know. But if it is true, I will send you an electronic copy for free. (I won’t do this free thing for most anyone else because I put a lot of study into writing it.) It’s not easy to live for Christ when the world around us is so dark and dreary. I get it.
The only way a church is the church of Christ is if the members who make her up, belong to Christ. That’s the way I have always looked at the phrase “churches of Christ.” These are congregations of Christ; that is churches that belong to Christ. It’s that word “of” that makes all the difference.
As Jesus bride, you and I must try to trust in God’s grace. Nothing we do to try to perfect ourselves, by ourselves, is going to work the spiritual nature of following God. We must rely upon the strength that is in Jesus. We can do all things through the spirit of Christ and little without Him. I take issue with those who claim we are in this fight with the Devil with no Spiritual God to help us. Such thinking seems blasphemous in my thinking.
You and I can strengthen one another. Together with our brothers and sisters in Christ we can overcome swarms of attacks and tricks of Satan. Sister, we can do it. I tell you what, come visit the congregation here again. I want to meet you face to face. If you will allow, I want to give you a brotherly hug. Come for one Sunday morning. I hope to see you soon. I hope to eventually see you eternally.
Please read Philippians chapter 4 and Romans chapter 8. Look for key verses that speak of our ability to win this fight over suffering.