LeAnn’s Hope Memorial Fund

A life ended on Jan. 6, 2020but from that passing came hope.

Our beloved LeAnn Duke was the late wife to TBC’s own, Kerry Duke. For most everyone, the common reference was “Kerry and LeAnn.” Together they have played a pivotal role in the work of Tennessee Bible College. LeAnn was in failing health after a nearly five-year battle with blood cancer when she and her husband, Kerry Duke, talked about ways her passion for helping others could continue beyond her life on Earth. A fund called LeAnn’s Hope, administered through Tennessee Bible College, was the answer.

Donations to the fund will be used to help people in a variety of ways, near and far. One of the very first things she wanted this fund to do was to be able to help those in need of food. In addition, LeAnn envisioned Bibles and TBC scholarships going to people in need. She also had a strong interest in helping young mothers who are struggling, young wives who need encouragement, and young girls who are neglected or abused. She wanted a fund that could be used for needs of the time.

LeAnn’s Hope Memorial Fund
Giving hope at home and around the world
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