Bachelor of Religious Education (B.R.E.)

What is the Bachelor of Religious Education degree?

The Bachelor of Religious Education degree (B.R.E.) is a favorite for those who want to be preachers. This well-balanced program is perfect for anyone desiring a religious education to be a more effective Bible teacher and Christian worker. While pursuing this degree, you will study the books of the Bible to learn how to interpret and apply the Scriptures. This degree includes courses in Christian evidences and apologetics that are much needed today. General education areas such as English and psychology are also a part of this program. Many ask, “Do you offer classes in Greek?” Yes, a full year of New Testament Greek is required for the B.R.E. The historical aspect of your education is important too. That is why TBC offers undergraduate courses in church history and biblical backgrounds.

What makes this program unique at TBC?

This degree is not just about books. It is about learning to teach and serve people. We emphasize the practical side of your education at Tennessee Bible College. Courses in personal work, sermon preparation, and counseling will help you to be the most effective worker you can be in the Lord’s kingdom.

Take a few minutes to look at the courses and course descriptions for the B.R.E. This may be the ideal program for you!

Course work is divided into seven departments of study:

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