One of the central themes at TBC is balance. Our programs of study are the result of years of experience and thought on this need. We encourage students at TBC to do their best in academics. At the same time, we strive to maintain a balance of academic achievement and practical application. Institutions of higher learning become so absorbed with the world of concepts and theories, students become isolated from the world of living. This becomes particularly regrettable when such institutions are religious. Students go to such schools to prepare to teach others and acquire much knowledge. Instead, they emerge unable to communicate or relate to the people they teach.

We designed Ministry courses at TBC to give this balance. They stress good attitudes, common sense, good judgment, and Christian maturity. Being a Christian, especially as a teacher or preacher, means working with people. They provide opportunities for students to gain practical experience in preaching, personal evangelism, and mission work. Teachers with years of experience in these areas guide our students in these studies. 


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Ministry Course Descriptions

M100 Qualifications for Personal Evangelism Directors – This study deals with what it takes to be a soul winner for Jesus. Emphasis given to the qualities needed to be a personal evangelism director.

M110 Introduction to Christian Counseling – A general introduction to counseling techniques used today. Special emphasis given on the principles that guided such counseling in Bible times.

M200 Personal Evangelism – In this course, students study the methodology of personal evangelism. The course explores the various methods in detail and the trains students to use the materials available.

M205 Youth and Role Models – This course stresses the effect of proper role models. Students examine Biblical and contemporary examples.

M210 What Makes Churches Grow – A study of all faiths and what caused them to grow. A look at what the Bible authorizes with reference to these methods.

M215 Principles of Christian Living – This course sets forth the foundation of truly living by the principles of Christianity. An examination of key passages in regard to relationships with God, Christ, ourselves, and others are given deep consideration.

M225 Preparation for Missions – A practical discussion of important decisions regarding raising support, choosing a field, and selecting a sponsoring congregation.

M230 Preparation and Delivery of Sermons – The fundamentals of preparing and presenting logically outlined lessons of various types are discussed in detail.

M250 Principles of Mission Work – Students contemplate the foundations of being an effective missionary. Great emphasis given to the spiritual and cultural preparation needed to spread the gospel in foreign lands.

M260 Youth Directors and Church Organization – The function of Youth Directors in relationship to the total congregational program. It explores the Youth Director’s responsibility to the elders, deacons, local minister, and parents. This course also discusses some of the pitfalls facing the Youth Director.

M300 Directing Campaigns – A study of how to organize a campaign for Christ. Students discuss knocking, giving out materials, religious census, etc.

M310 Applied Counseling I – A study of the book of Proverbs and related Old Testament Scriptures concerning that which causes mental stress and psychological problems.

M311 Applied Counseling II – A study in the New Testament of that which causes mental and psychological problems.

M320 The Indigenous Church – An examination of the indigenous approach to missions with a view to the merits of establishing and maintaining indigenous congregations.

M322 The Foreign Missionary – A comprehensive study of problems, relationships, and rewards of the foreign missionary.

M330 Practical Principles of World Evangelism – A discussion of the history of missions in selected areas, methods of mission work, and qualifications of a missionary.

M340 The Biblical Teachings Governing Youth Activities – Using the Bible as guidance, this course establishes the positive things youth can do to develop into Christian men and women. Students establish goals and develop programs to meet these goals.

M350 Problems of Youth – The Biblical answers to the contemporary problems of youth. The course discusses authority in religion, drugs, relationship to parents, and Christian morality.

M360 The Minister and Christian Ethics – A study of the minister and his personal life. Emphasis on how it pertains to honesty, deception, business, habits, and other things like these. The Bible will be the textbook for this study.

M370 The Minister and His Personal Life – A study of the minister and his responsibilities to himself, his family, community and nation. His relationship to the church and the leaders of the church will be included. Biblical principles and examples will be greatly stressed.

M400 Organization and Administration of the Bible School – The organizational principles and techniques of building and administering an effective evangelistic Bible school program of the local church.

M401 Materials and Methods in Bible Teaching – An exploration of necessary steps in building and improving curriculum, materials and methods. Emphasis will be given to different ways of preparing and presenting Bible lessons in an effective manner.

M402 History and Philosophy of Christian Education – A general study of the origin and philosophy of Christian schools and colleges from the early days of American history to the present. Special emphasis will be on schools and colleges that sprang from the Restoration Movement.

M405 Minister in the 21st Century – The minister’s personal life with emphasis on spiritual development will be examined in detail; special attention will be given to the practical aspects of life.

M405Y Youth Minister in the 21st Century – Same as M405 with emphasis on Youth Directors.

M406 Pitfalls of Personal Evangelism Directors – A study of why men fail to be effective personal work directors. A study will be made as to the way these pitfalls may be avoided.

M410 New Testament Evangelism – An in-depth study of how the New Testament personalities did personal evangelism. Evangelism in the book of Acts will be noted especially.

M425 Campus Ministry – Lectures that will serve as an introduction to the campus work such as the campus minister and organization for growth in knowledge, evangelism, and fellowship will be presented.

M435 Church Growth – Methods and procedures of organizing and developing specific programs in the local church. Actual experience working with elders in areas like evangelism, older people, young people, Christian fellowship, and new converts are required.

M440 The Missionary’s Family – A practical discussion of problems families face on the mission field. These problems concern culture shock, housing, education, fellowship, language barriers, and family relationships and responsibilities.

M449 Seminar in Leadership – Needed principles for effective leadership will be studied with a view toward the minister and other Christians as well.

M449Y Seminar in Youth Leadership – Same as M449 with emphasis on Youth Directors.