People act strange and make certain choices which cannot be explained in a sensible, logical way. We all know we are going to die but some seem to think it is not their time to go. In fact, it is never their time to leave this old world. They say there is life beyond the grave. They say they believe in heaven and hell. They say they believe in the judgment day of Almighty God. They say that all must prepare to go to heaven. They tell us that we all must be born again. They tell us that hypocrites will never enjoy eternal life. People tell us plainly that one cannot be saved living in the world and doing worldly things. We are told that Christians will always attend worship and if they do not, they are unfaithful to God. They tell us that all of us must be sincere and believe and obey the Bible. On and on this kind of thing could go, but this is sufficient.

Many of the people we have been talking about never get down to reality and business when it comes to their personal life. Let us ask some questions just here. Are you ready to die? Have you made preparation? Is your life pure and innocent in Christ Jesus? Would you be afraid to stand in the judgment of God just as you are? Have you separated yourself from the world? Have you been born again to get into the kingdom and be a child of God? Do you attend church as you should? Do you give into the collection basket as you have been prospered? Are you satisfied with your life when it comes to spirituality? Do you believe you will stand in God’s judgment? Do you believe God is pleased with you and your life? Do you believe in eternity? Do you believe there is life beyond the grave? Do you believe you will live after you die physically? Do you think when you stand in the judgment of God that God will treat you in a special way? Will God be partial to you? Will God let rebellious sinners go to heaven? Will God send good Christians to hell?

What a mixed-up mess is in the brains of some religious people. You had better get it straight and so had I. You can get right with God and you can stay right. It is all a matter of making up our minds. Does any of this material apply to you?

-Malcolm L. Hill

January 12, 1934 – June 26, 2012