“Why is atheism so bad?  It seems to trouble a whole lot of people.  If a man wants to be an atheist, then let him be one.”

I have no desire to take a gun or some kind of weapon and try to make an atheist into a believer.  In fact, it cannot be done in that fashion.  Christians are not made by force but only by persuasion.  We live in a free country and I thank God for it.  While I may disagree with what the other fellow believes, I do not disagree with his right to believe it.

Atheism is bad.  It is much worse than many think.  It holds within its power the ability to corrupt society.  Let us consider why it is so bad. 

Atheism is bad because it is totally based on assumption.  Atheists have not proven their points.  In fact, they have not proven one point as to the idea that God does not exist.  All of their hammering against the existence of God is mere supposition.  If it is not, then let them stand up and prove otherwise.  I can prove that God does exist.  Can the atheist prove that God does not exist?  If so, let them do so!

Atheism is bad because it corrupts morals.  If there is no God, no heaven nor hell, then why worry about what is moral and what is immoral?  What would be wrong with lying, cheating, killing, hate, rape, sexual abuse, and the like?

Atheism robs man of his dignity if believed.  To think that one is just a highly developed ape is not a very lofty view of oneself.  If one believes that he is nothing more than a highly developed animal, then he will act like one.  This is one reason why we have some acting like and living like animals.  Many of the tax payers’ dollars go into colleges and universities with teachers who teach our young people that they are nothing more than a highly sophisticated animal.  It is not fair and it is a betrayal of the trust of the American public by and large.  We do not send our children to higher institutions of learning to be made an atheist, and yet that is the chief goal of some.  If they would teach fact and not fiction there would not be one bit of atheism taught in institutions of higher learning.  Let me state plainly that not all professors are atheists.  I would say that the majority of them are not, I am indeed thankful.

Atheism is bad because it leaves us without a guide to live by.  If we do not live by the Bible, then what book or what man are we to follow?  Where is the standard for life?  Are you willing to go by my standard?  Are you willing to go by some philosopher’s standard?  Are you willing to let Adolph Hitler, ToJo, Mussolini, Karl Marx, or let some other be our guide?  If so, which?  If so, are we bound to follow?

Atheism leaves one to follow his own way and will; to do what he wishes to do.  There is no standard for right and wrong if atheism is followed.  If there is no God, what are human rights?  What is right and what is wrong?  Who is to say?  I believe in and follow God and His word because I have the facts to prove that He exists and that His word is true.  Mine is not a blind leap in the dark.  My faith does not throw human reason out the window.  The believer in God and His word has something to live for and something to die by.  The atheist has neither!

Malcolm L. Hill January 12, 1934- June 26, 2012