In the church there are those who live good moral lives.  They attend worship and get involved in some good work.  They may even teach a class and talk a good talk but when all is said and done they are sometimes a hindrance to the work of Jesus Christ.  They hold back the church and keep it from growing as it should.  What is the deal?

These church members do not stand for much of anything.  They go with their crowd and do not have the backbone to stand up for Jesus Christ.  When church wreckers get into the congregation they are often in their company.  The church wreckers take these very weak people into their crowd because they stand for nothing and fall for just about everything.  The troublemakers talk against the elders, the faithful preacher, and the work in general.  They truly hold back the work of the Lord Jesus Christ.  But good moral people in the church fellowship and associate with the troublemakers.  How can they do such?  They can do such because they do not stand up for truth.  By compromising we can get along with just about anyone in the world and in the church.  Jesus would have us cold or hot and those who are lukewarm make the Lord sick (Rev. 3:14-22).

People of principle have a tough time in life.  They are often hated and despised of men.  Jesus Christ was hated and despised even though a perfect man.  God’s faithful people must declare a clear and plain stand against wrongdoers and wrongdoing.  When you see a member of the church run with and be a part of the troublemakers in the church, mark it down—he is sympathetic with or is an undercover worker with them (II Cor. 6:14-18).  Sometimes this kind of church member is hard to see but if you will keep an eye open, he will declare himself.  How can one be a friend to church dividers and the wrecking crew?  By being an excellent fence-straddler and a good double-talker.

-Malcolm L. Hill

January 12, 1934- June 26, 2012