Tennessee Bible College is binding its history.

The first of three hardbound volumes of its Living Oracles newsletter, which it has produced for more than three decades, is now available through TBC Press.

“It has turned out to be a beautiful volume, and it’ll be very useful,” TBC President David Hill said. “Preachers are always looking for resource material when writing or studying a subject. This is going to be wonderful for that.”

The first book includes Living Oracles published 1988-1999. Two more volumes are in the works: 2000-2005 and 2006-2019.

“It’s interesting,” Hill said. “You can go through and see trending things that were going on in the church and questions that were being raised in those times.”

The Living Oracles newsletter itself began with Hill’s father and TBC’s first president, the late Malcolm Hill.

“He wanted to put good information into the hands of people, especially churches and church leaders,” Hill said. “With our faculty here, he felt we had a resource.”

The publication has always offered variety.

“Sometimes you’ve got opposing opinions,” Hill said. “It’s to challenge a person in their personal and spiritual development and to deal with issues facing the church, issues outside the church and issues in society.

“Another thing I think is great is that many highly regarded preachers and educators who are now gone from this life wrote articles for Living Oracles. They can’t speak any longer, but their words live on in this volume.”

Through the years, extra issues were stored in boxes. Hill realized they were at risk for deterioration.

“We thought it would be great if we could hard bind some of them for our library, our individual use and even open it up for others who might be interested in them.”

The book can be purchased at TBC’s Bookstore. The cost is $50.

Hill said it is the latest example of TBC Press offerings.

“We’ve got many more things coming, so we encourage everybody to stay tuned,” he said.

“We want to be a resource.”

-Amy Davis, TBC Correspondent