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Truth Bible Camp

Summer camp is a rite of passage for many kids. It is very common for children to attend summer camp of some kind, but Truth Bible Camp is structured differently even than most Bible camps. Our camp is designed to orient young men and women in knowledge with experience of preparing and delivering a Bible lesson. The hope is that it will empower them by letting them see that they indeed can preach and teach a Bible lesson. Our faculty works with each camper to introduce them to study tools that will help them. Each camper prepares a lesson and delivers it during the week, and along the way, as kids will always do, they have a lot of fun!

The camp brings new life to our campus and new energy each year! We enjoy the company of some wonderful boys and girls who are entrusted to us for a week of training in the Lord. These children encourage us and challenge us, keeping us focused on the future of the Lord's church. Next year marks our 20th annual summer event, and we are looking forward to it being our biggest and best camp ever!