There are many concerns that Christian parents have about their children.  Their physical health and well-being is paramount (I Tim. 5:8).  Their mental and social developments are very important (Luke 2:52).  But the spiritual well-being of the children should be of the greatest concern (Eph. 6:4).

It is because of this concern that Christian parents should be active in teaching their sons and daughters the great importance of selecting the proper mate.  Of equal concern, the Christian parents work to instill in their children the importance of “marrying for life.”  In all of these things parents realize that their children have their own free will and may or may not follow the wisdom of their Father and Mother.  This should NOT keep the parents from doing all that is within their power to influence the children to do right and be right in these life decisions.

It has been, for many years, the thinking of Christian parents that the good influence of Christian schools, along with the fact that Christian young people attend these schools, should help their children in these important decisions.  Indeed, if Christian young people associate together in their young years the probability is that they will marry Christians.  This writer believes that every Christian parent should insist with all his/her might that the young man or woman marry one who is a Christian.  What could be better?  Much could be worse.

This does NOT mean that when a boy meets and marries a Christian girl that she will remain faithful to the Lord.  But the conditions are right for a strong Christian life in this arrangement.  Other arrangements are fraught with danger.

Here is the concern that should be in the hearts of all Christian Mothers and Fathers:  How can we be sure that the Christian school our children attend will teach them properly and influence them best in the selection of a life time married partner?  What if the school uses teachers that do not understand and instruct the Bible teachings concerning the permanence of marriage as taught in Matthew 19:1-9 and Romans 7:1-3?

What if the school uses teachers that do not believe the Bible teaching on the necessity of baptism for remission of sins.”  What if the school has teachers who do not believe in the God authorized headship of the husband over his family?  What if the school has teachers who do not believe in the authority of elders in the local congregations?  What if the school has teachers who do not believe that it is sinful to use instruments of music in worship?  What if the school has teachers who would allow women to take a leading role in public worship?

All of these “what if” situations may be much more real than most Christian parents realize.  I recall a young man telling me that the students that came to the school he was attending were much more faithful to the Word of God, as far as the church and Christian living were concerned, than were many of the teachers in that school!

No longer is there a guarantee that when Christian parents send their children to so-called Christian schools that those children will receive proper instruction and guidance in the pure teachings of the Bible!

What can parents do?  They can accept the obligation of investigating the schools that are being considered.  Who are the teachers?  What do the teachers believe and practice?  What is the policy of the school as to moral behavior of its students?  Does the school court the liberal elements of the church to raise its money?  If it does, the one who “pays the fiddler, calls the tune!”

Parents must not leave anything up for doubt.  They must pray and work and teach and love and help their children find and marry a lifelong companion.  We thank God for parents who instill within their children Christian principles.  We cannot allow anything (apostate schools, churches, etc.) to harm our precious young people.

-Glenn B. Ramsey