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Our Mission

To develop a working knowledge of the Word of God in an environment of Christian fellowship.

The mission of Jesus was “both to do and teach” the Word of God (Acts 1:1).

At Truth Bible Camp, we follow through with that mission.

Each summer the campus of Tennessee Bible College welcomes youth ages 9-18 to a week of spiritual growth and development. Truth Bible Camp is directed by Jonathan Huddleston (Full-Time) and Jason Gann (Day Camp). They receive additional support from the school’s faculty and staff, as well as talented Christian volunteers from the TBC community.

Our Impact

Truth Bible Camp was founded in 1998 to provide leadership training for young men within the Church of Christ. Since then, the camp has evolved into a Christian education center for young men and women seeking to serve the Lord. With more than 20 years of experience, our camp has made a huge difference in the lives of countless young people.

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Let your light shine!

Truth Bible Camp June 8-12, 2025