It’s always a joy to see this time of year roll around—springtime in the highlands of eastern middle Tennessee. An early pre-spring treat is our annual Spiritual Renewal Lectureship. Speakers from all over come to campus to build us up and encourage us in the gospel of Christ. This year’s program is the 40th of a long line of great gospel lectureships. My life has been greatly enriched through these programs. I believe I’ve attended every one. My family grew up attending this program, and we share good memories from those years.
I am thankful for the dedication of many who have made the SRL possible—those who have traveled many miles to speak, attend, and those who in addition have supported us in this good program. It is through very loyal supporters that we’ve been better able to assist our speakers with their time, travel and accommodations. The technology has greatly improved, and that has made the information more accessible. We owe a great debt to brother Mike Wheeler, who has given vacation time to be part of the lectureship for over 30 years, and has shared/given his technical expertise to this and many other programs. Brother Mike now serves as an elder of the Northeast congregation, and has distinguished himself by many good works done through the years, especially in the technical area. It would be impossible for us to know how many have been able to hear the Gospel through the work of brother Wheeler. There are others like him who have given in special ways to help further the teaching of the gospel of Christ by and through the work of TBC. I’m thankful and indebted to them all. Of course the Lord knows their works and will reward accordingly.
Please avail yourself of every good program offered by TBC. We do it for the building up of the Lord’s church. Another great annual program is Truth Bible Camp. This year will be the 22nd annual camp held on campus for youth ages 9 years through 18 years. This year we will be talking about the power of the “Light” in this world of darkness. Thanks to Jonathan and Mallory Huddleston for leading in this year’s program. Information is available now and early registration is encouraged.
The Lord has given charge to teach and preach the Gospel to the world (Matt. 28:18-20; Mark 16:15-16). That is our mission through preparing workers. How could we accept such a great challenge, and fight others in the same good work? Let’s be unified as we should be, and let’s “be steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord” (I Cor. 15:58).
-David Hill, TBC President