A beautiful Spring has sprung in Middle Tennessee and on the Tennessee Bible College campus.
We are in the Spring 2019 term and very busy. It is this term that is highlighted by our annual Truth Bible Camp—June 9-13. The camp is a premier camp of its kind, now in the 22nd year and is open for boys and girls ages 12-18. These young men and women will enjoy good lessons. Our faculty, staff, and students look forward to this week every year, and get life from the tremendous energy and life of our campers. Registration is now open. Do you know a boy or girl who could be encouraged in the Gospel?
A few words about our dear, departed chairman, John Houser. Brother John departed this life after a brief illness on Friday, April 5, 2019 in the respiratory rehab center at Powell, Tennessee, at the age of 84. For those who knew John, they typically did not call John’s name without including his dear wife of 61 years, Ann. John and Ann were inseparable. Together they worked daily in the Lord’s kingdom. John was an elder in the Lord’s church for over 30 years. He and Ann were usually the first ones at the West End Church of Christ building in Livingston when it was meeting time, and the last to leave. They carried meals to the sick, delivered relief to the distressed and hurting, and even at an advanced age they took a truckload of supplies up the Monterey mountain in the ice and snow to help with relief during a winter storm disaster. Bible study? Always ready. Song leader? Ready. Funeral? Ready to assist in any way, whatever was needed in service to the Lord and His people, brother John was ready! That was the man who led TBC as chairman for nine years and served on the Board of Trustees since 2002. He was always looking forward and always on “go.” Like Joshua of old, his view was, “If the Lord wills, we can do it.”
We will miss brother John, but know he was looking for a home, a house not made with hands, eternal in the Heavens. He told his family he was ready to go. Wouldn’t it be great if all could face death in such a way? I personally will greatly miss John Houser. He was a wonderful encourager to me and my work. I’m thankful for the years of association with him and look forward to a grand reunion some day on the other side. His encouragement was always, “Don’t quit and never give in.” We shall try to be true to his charge.
David Hill