Welcome to our 47th year of operation, and as with all new years, it holds great promise. Greetings from Tennessee Bible College and a new academic year 2021-2022. I’ve been part of the work for 32 of the 47 years, and it has been the work of my life. I’m thankful for the many blessings granted me from Almighty God allowing me to labor in His kingdom. He has richly blessed the College over the years. When I started we were meeting in the Northeast Church of Christ building with limited facilities and funding. Over the past three decades by the bountiful hand of the Almighty through the support of many churches and individuals, we’ve grown in every way. Today, we have a beautiful campus, adequate facilities, a very mature full-time faculty and staff. Technology none of us could have imagined in the beginning is opening doors around the world. 


None of us has the ability to know the future, so when each year begins, we try to anticipate what is coming. We hit some and miss some. Opportunity presents without warning sometimes. It is our job to try to be ready for open doors, and I always ask for your prayers that we might use the doors God opens for advancing the gospel of Christ. 


This past year is an example of the totally unanticipated. How could we have known the effects of COVID-19 and all the political mess associated with it? We could not know of loved ones like our colleague Paul Wilmoth leaving us for eternity, but we have adjusted to meet the demand of service. These observations come to mind as we face a new school year. With every new year there’s much anticipation.


I’m thankful for the diligent work of our academic chief, brother Kerry Duke, Vice-President, and his four decades of dedication to the College. He along with brother Jason Gann, Registrar, are working with students and putting the final touches to the upcoming fall term. This involves direct instruction with students around the world as well as at home. Who can know the potential? Our senior team member brother Glenn Ramsey will continue to teach some classes and work as a counselor to us going forward. I am thankful for our online team of Weylan Deaver, Tim McHenry, Mark Mitchell, and Donny Weimer. It is my hope to develop this team more in the near future.


We are in an unsettled time socially. This affects education, the church, and every life. Folks are on the move, many selling out their long-held property to move to the all new. Some are just not content with their side of town, so they’re looking on the other side. From week to week in churches, one never knows who might come through the door.  Several have observed as have I, that this year has produced more visitors to Bible study and worship than have been seen in a long time. It reminds of the Lord’s observation of sheep having no shepherd (Mark 6:34) and needing to be taught. Oh yes, in this time of uncertainty, the certainty of the gospel of Christ will solve the problems of the world. It’s the only thing that will and that’s where we come in, to offer hope to the hopeless, love to the loveless, and the salvation of Christ to all—instilling this message into the hearts of the faithful, so that they may be able to teach others also (II Tim. 2:2).


The new year is here! We invite you to be part of it.

-David Hill, President of Tennessee Bible College