Well, maybe not for you, but it is a new year for us—year 43. We’re off to a good start.
Every year is different and this one is starting off differently from last year as we have more on-campus activity than the past several years. We’re meeting more regular classes on campus by demand, which is a good thing. The online courses continue as well, so our work is growing.David Hill-1
Among the things we look forward to this year, Truth Bible Camp will mark its 20th year and what a run it has been. Camp will be featured more in a later issue. The annual Spiritual Renewal Lectureship will be February 23-25, 2018—a growing program for the last several years and a highlight of our year. Graduation day is Friday, November 17, 2017 and is a day of celebration for all, marking the culmination of our work in Christian education. Everyone is encouraged to attend and encourage those graduating. The official 2017-2018 school year will begin Monday, September 11. Our purpose after 43 years remains the same—to train Gospel preachers, Bible teachers, and Christian workers for better service in the kingdom of Christ. I invite you to take part in the programs of TBC. Our doors are open every day and our work is open for all to see.
Please continue to remember us in your prayers and help us recruit good men and women to train in the Gospel of Christ. Together let’s make this year the best ever!
David Hill, Tennessee Bible College President