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Tennessee Bible College was founded in 1975 in Cookeville, Tennessee. The school offers a two-year certificate program in Bible, and is authorized by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission to confer on those who satisfactorily complete their work the Bachelor of Religious Education degree in Bible, the Master of Theology degree in Christian Doctrine and Apologetics, and the Doctor of Theology degree in Christian Doctrine and Apologetics.

Tennessee Bible College was the first church of Christ related school to confer the Ph.D. We are thankful that God has blessed us and that we can render this service in the field of religious education.

At Tennessee Bible College, we desire to teach and train men in such a way as to make them fully capable to preach and defend the Gospel of Christ. The college is open to both men and women. We need excellent Bible teachers, homemakers, and Christian wives. Tennessee Bible College is capable of helping women in these fields.

At Tennessee Bible College the Bible is not treated as just another book. It is treated as THE Book. Graduates will believe in the plenary verbl inspiration of the Bible if they follow what they have been taught in the classroom. The Bible is loved, honored, respected, and reverenced in every phase of our work. It will always be this way.

Tennessee Bible College is given to academic excellence, scholarship, and biblical soundness. No person will ever be permitted to teach at TBC who does not believe the Bible to be the inspired Word of God from the first verse in Genesis to the last one in Revelation.

Those attending Tennessee Bible College will find a warm and personal atmosphere between students and faculty. The faculty takes an interest in each student. This is planned and does not happen by chance. This shall ever be our goal. The administration and faculty feel that the best recommendation for a school of higher learning is the usefulness of its students. It is our wish to see our men and women go out into the world and be a tremendous influence on mankind for what is good and right.

May God bless us in the work done at Tennessee Bible College. May He always make His face to shine upon us. May He ever be gracious to us, and may our work last until Jesus comes again.

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