Finding Your Way Back to God’s Church – Part Two By: Donny Wiemar

Dear Sister and family,

I pray you and your family are doing well today. Today, I am a suffering with a little bipolar depression. So, if my writing shows such please excuse me. I want to say more about God and His permitting suffering. I have had my fair share.

I do not believe that God wants me to suffer anymore than He wanted you to go through tough trials. We have to realize suffering in and of itself is not evil. The only true evil is sin.

Remember that Satan introduced Eve and Adam to sin. Sin introduced the first couple to the consequences of transgressing God. Now, get this clear. I am not and will never even imply your situation is due to sin. No. It is the result of the condition of the world, brought on by the sly serpent’s trickery.

Sin entered the world, and suffering by sin. Disease, famine, pestilence and even the kind of mental illness that I battle are works of this temporal world. This present world is a prison of angst. It’s something else too.

This world is the ideal place for cultivating souls for God’s service. Let me hear from you soon. There is much more to be said.

Read Romans 8. What do the verses 28 through the chapter’s end speak to you?

Of the precious faith,

Donny Weimar