Tennessee Bible College continues to “go into all the world” with the gospel— perhaps even more so than ever due to an increased online presence.

“We now have a level of online opportunities we’ve never seen before,” TBC Vice President Kerry Duke said. “Last year and particularly this year have been a real turning point in the school.”

Duke said the work that TBC’s public relations coordinator, Mallory Huddleston, has done with the college’s internet capabilities has been instrumental in attracting more students from all over the world.

For that reason, he has high expectations for the fall quarter, which begins Sept. 13.

“We’re always excited when a new quarter begins,” he said. “We’re especially enthused about the fall quarter because that is the start of the academic year, which brings new faces and different areas to explore.”

Because of TBC’s increased online presence, the school is seeing more response to the Spanish version of one of its free online courses, “Jesus, the Son of God.”

TBC continues to offer a traditional classroom experience as well for students who prefer to meet on campus.

“We are hearing more and more from potential and current students that they need the personal dimension that only in-person classes can give,” Duke said.

Students may work toward a two-year diploma, bachelor of religious education, master of theology and doctor of theology.

Duke encourages prospective students to take the next step to apply.

“Don’t let age, lack of college experience or religious division keep you from doing what you know in your heart you need to do— spend more time learning the Scriptures.”

For registration information, visit www.tn-biblecollege.edu.

-Amy Davis, TBC Correspondent