Someone has rightly said, “one thing we learn from history is that people do not learn from history.”  How true this saying is.  It reminds us of individual people who always think of the other fellow.  The other fellow dies, but not I.  The other fellow suffers when he does wrong, but not I.  The other fellow should have known better, but not I.  All wrongdoers get caught, but not I.  Others reap what they sow, but not I.  We refuse to learn about ourselves even though we can see all these things in others.  We will learn someday but it is often too late.  Sad, sad indeed!

The Canaanites were a very wicked people at the time the Jews were going into the promised land which was Canaan.  Their wickedness had been overflowing for many years and God gave them plenty of time to repent and get right.  Their morals were extremely low and to top it off they were guilty of sacrificing children to the god of idolatry (Deut. 18:10-12; Gen. 15:16).  The killing of the firstborn was a common practice of the Canaanites and this was done as a sacrifice to their goddess Tanit.  The Phoenicians and the Canaanites were the same people.  In the second century B.C. the people of Carthage were Phoenicians.  Their offering of children sacrifice caused the Romans to hate and despise them.  We are told by archaeologists that thousands of charred remains of newborn babies and fetuses have been found in their graves at Carthage.  We are told by the Bible that the battle for the land of Canaan was a very bloody one.  Why so?  Because God was full of the cold-blooded murder of infants and the unborn.

How do you suppose God looks upon America today?  Since 1973 more than 50 million babies have been slaughtered in the United States and the leaders of this country are not trying to stop it but many of them are trying to help this act of murder along and get government money to support it.  There is payday some day and it may not be as far away as the people of the United States may think.  God is still on the throne of justice and the affairs of men.  God is in control and will move as needed.  We may not understand but God will take care of things in due time.  Have faith.

– Malcolm Hill (January 12, 1934- June 26, 2012)