One Gospel Minute

Jul 11, 2024

Love One Another

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“Honor all men, love the brotherhood, fear God, honor the King.” (I Peter 2:17). Peter’s words remind us to respect all, regardless of their background. Christians must love one another, fear God, and honor authority, no matter how wicked the ruler. This is the gospel, and Christianity is the solution.


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  • Scriptures: I Peter 2:17



David Hill: “Honor all men, love the brotherhood, fear God, honor the King.” (I Peter 2:17). Hi, I’m David Hill, and this is One Gospel Minute. The apostle Peter wrote the words of God encouraging Christians and all to respect humanity. No matter the background or the pigmentation. To the family of God, Christians love one another exceptionally. A reminder – live with an obedient humble respect for the one who created and sustains all, and ultimately will judge all someday. Last, the simple phrase, “Honor the King.” When Peter recorded these words, the King Caesar was about as wicked as one could be persecuting Christians just for sport.

And still God said, “Honor the king in his position.” Out of consideration is cursing the king. No lawlessness. The God of heaven said, “Respect your duly elected leader.” That’s the gospel. The good news is a better world begins with me. No friend, Christianity is not the problem today – it’s the solution.

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