I am going to list 25 laws from the woman’s viewpoint to keep her marriage from going stale.  These are not all original with me, I have collected them through the years.

  1. Never take your husband for granted (he might fade into the landscape.)
  2. Treat him with the same courtesy you would a revered guest.
  3. Forget the idea you can reform him–it’s a bit late to begin.
  4. Grant your husband the right to his own opinion (even if you do not always agree with his ideas).
  5. Make a list of your own faults occasionally (don’t wait for him to do it).
  6. Be as fresh and attractive for him on his return from work as possible (no matter what kind of day you had at home).
  7. Never, but never, discuss your husband’s faults with anyone (not even your own mother) and do not permit his weaknesses to be discussed in your presence.
  8. Remember, he needs a lot of letting alone when he returns from a hard day’s work (at least five minutes).
  9. Build up your husband’s confidence in himself (the world does a good job of tearing it down).
  10. Don’t expect your husband to keep on acting like some lovesick teenager.  When he says, “Be careful driving in the traffic,” he is really saying, “I love you and need you.”
  11. It takes two to argue–kind words turn away wrath–even that of an irate husband.
  12. Learn early in marriage to compromise.  (You’ll get your own way later–just wait.)
  13. Even though it kills you, try to live a bit below his income.
  14. Allow him a bit of personal privacy.  You need it, too.
  15. Never, never, never allow anyone to interfere in your home life–his folks or yours.
  16. Don’t forget–he is still your husband, even after eight kids–and he still needs you (just like the kid he is).
  17. Try to develop a serious interest in his favorite sport (unless it is golf).
  18. Add a special creative dimension to your duties as a wife and mother.
  19. Plan a special date together at least once a month (more often if possible).
  20. Re-read your marriage vows together regularly.  If you cannot read them, then remember them often.
  21. Recall often that the position of husband is God-ordained and must be revered.
  22. Be honest with him–and with yourself.
  23. Surprise him by giving in once in a while, without an argument.
  24. Recall that the glory of woman is not that she was made from man’s rib–but that God made her!
  25. Grow up!  Marriage is for adults!

Both men and women need to consider these rules.  Adapt and apply them.  There is nothing as beautiful as a happy home, and there is nothing on earth like hell as that of an unhappy home.

Your home can be what it should be by turning it over to Jesus Christ.  If you have not done that, we hope you will.  If we can be of help, let us hear from you.

– Malcolm L. Hill January 12, 1934- June 26, 2012