Mother—it is considered one of the most beautiful words in the English language.  The beauty extends to the experience itself.  God speaks to us about this amazing position in His Word.  Let’s consider some of the Bible’s mothers:

  1. How can you be like Samuel’s mother, Hannah?

    You must love God’s gifts (your children).

You can be like Hannah if you give your children to the Lord.  Hannah prayed for a child.  She promised God she would give that gift back to Him.  Though her heart must have been broken, she kept her promise by giving Samuel to Eli the priest after Samuel had been weaned (I Samuel 1:2—2:21).  God blessed her by giving her five more children!  Today we also must see our children as gifts from God that are on loan to us.  We must love them daily, but most of all, we must love them enough to put them in God’s hands.

  1. How can you be like Daniel’s mother?

    You must have an influence for faith.

We don’t know Daniel’s mother’s name, but we know much about what kind of son she raised. As a teenager Daniel was taken captive by the Babylonians.  From the beginning of his captivity (when he refused the king’s food) until his old age (in the lions’ den), Daniel never forsook God.  His mother instilled faithfulness and courage in him.  Daniel knew who to trust (the true God of heaven—Daniel 6:10) and how to act (he had “an excellent spirit” in him—Daniel 6:3).  You must have that kind of great influence on your children and their faith  that continues with them even when they are away from you.

  1. How can you be like Timothy’s mother, Eunice?

    You must be a teacher.

You can be like Eunice if you teach your child to know and love the Holy Scriptures.  You will be your child’s first teacher, and they will believe what you tell them simply because you are their mother!  Timothy becomes a believer that the Apostle Paul could depend on, his son in the faith (I Timothy 1:2) whom he dearly loved.  Timothy’s task was great in the church in Ephesus (ordaining elders, giving instructions about worship, widows, etc—I Timothy 6:20; 2 Timothy 1:2).  He never let down Paul, the church or the Lord..  Teach your child like Eunice did and you will feel joy that I’m sure Eunice felt for her son Timothy.

  1. How can you be a mother like Moses’ mother, Jochebed?

    You must be brave.

Imagine hearing the news that Pharaoh has decreed the death of all Hebrew baby boys! (Exodus 1:16-22) Then imagine telling your husband you are going to have a baby!  We know what Jochebed did to save her son in Exodus 2.  Now imagine Jochebed watching the pharaoh’s daughter take her child from the basket in the river.  She was a mother willing to take courageous measures to insure her son’s safety.  Hebrews 11:23 tells us Moses’ parents were not afraid of pharaoh’s decree.  Their faith in God was greater than pharaoh’s power.  God saved Moses and used him as Israel’s deliverer—all because of a courageous mother.

  1. How can you be a mother like Mary, Jesus’ mother?

    You must be humble.

When God chose Mary to be Jesus’ mother, she said to the angel, “Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word” (Luke 1:38).  Mary praised God further, “My soul doth magnify the Lord…for he that is mighty hath done to me great things and holy is his name” (vs 49).  The heart of a good mother will be one that honors God in every aspect of her life.  She knows her strength comes from God , not herself.  She will spend her life as a mother praying for God’s help.  Like you, Mary bore a baby, nursed Him, watched Him grow, kissed His boo-boos and saw Him become a man, favored by man and God.  She stood by Jesus even in death (John 19:25).  In humble faith, Mary accepted God’s plan for her son, and gladly we find her in the upper room (Acts 1:13-14) after the resurrection praying with the apostles, disciples, and Jesus’ brothers.

These mothers reflect the sweetest traits for Christian mothers today:  love of our gifts (our children), influence for faith, teachers of God’s word, courage to do God’s will, and humility to bow at God’s commands.  God help us to follow their examples!

-Debbie Kea