The world usually forbids the discussion of His life and teaching in public schools, government agencies and many public entities. For this moment discussion is had, songs are sung, and the story of His birth told. Ironic that the only time of open discussion about Him is around an event about which little is known. The date December 25 is a fictitious date. The actual day and date are not known. It was most likely in a warmer time of year because of the record of the shepherds out keeping watch over their sheep (Luke 2:8). For this one moment each year the goodness of Jesus is referenced. Statements are made suggesting we should be more like Jesus, and that’s true. Christians will say, I want to be more like Jesus, a noble desire to be sure, but have you considered what it means to be more like Jesus?

They said Jesus was a bastard born of fornication (John 8:41). The Jews said this in response to his affirmation that he was the Son of God.

The most truthful man who ever lived on this earth in the form of man, Jesus, they called “a liar” (Matt. 27:63). He was a preacher of the Kingdom of God.

Jesus, they suggested with great piety, was less than they, because he ate and hung out with publicans and sinners (Matt. 9:10-11; 11:19).

When Jesus bore witness of being from God (Heb. 2:4, Mark 3:22-26), the scribes pompously said He does it by the power of the devil. The miraculous casting out of the devil from individuals, they foolishly peddled as done by the power of the devil, and the Lord exposed their inconsistency.

The charges used to keep Jesus incarcerated and ultimately crucified were charges of insurrection (Luke 23:2). He was trying to overthrow Caesar (John 19:12-15) and overthrow the local govern-ment (Matt. 26:59-68). He was accused of being a troublemaker.

By hypocrites Jesus was accused of being a hypocrite (Luke 11) and a mad man (John 10:20) all because of their envy, jealousy, ignorance, and disobedience (Matt. 27:18).

On any given Sunday Christians may be heard singing a great old hymn “O to Be Like Thee.”  When singing this and other hymns like it, remember what it means to be like Jesus. Jesus taught an endurance requirement of His followers (Matt. 10:22).

The sweetest life ever lived was lived by Jesus Christ, and the greatest price ever paid was paid by Him on the cross of calvary to redeem sinful man. The victory is in His death, burial, and resurrection (I Cor. 15) and the forgiveness of sins through our obedience. The sweetest life you’ll ever live is a life lived for Him.

-David Hill, President of Tennessee Bible College