Take a Bible quiz. Who said, “I cannot go beyond the word of the Lord my God to do less or more”? It is a very good statement and one that could and should be the statement of every Christian. The statement is recorded in Numbers 22:18, and is spoken by Balaam. Now, that is not for what you know and remember Balaam. He said the right thing, but ultimately did just the opposite.

When God told Jonah of old to preach the preaching he gave him to preach (Jonah 3:2), what did He mean by that instruction. Did he not imply the exact thing Balaam spoke? Sure, He did. Jesus said that in the activity of the Holy Spirit bringing the record of God to man, He would speak only “Whatsoever He shall hear.” (John 16:13). That’s the oneness of the Godhead and the standard for speaking for God.

Diminish not [drop not] a word” (Jer. 26:2) was the instruction from God to the prophet Jeremiah. In that time many prophesied falsely (Jer. 5:31). Some actually prophesied lies (Jer. 14:14-16) out of deceitful hearts (v. 14), but they were held accountable to God for what they said as was Jeremiah and all who will speak for God. Ever heard of a half truth? That’s dropping a word or two, and it happens too often in the name of Christianity. God’s command hasn’t changed. When speaking for Him one dare not drop a single word.

Get out of the way! (Gal. 1:6-12) How much has to be changed to have another gospel? What does it take to make it different? One thing? Two things? Five? God’s instruction to the churches of Galatia is clear, they had no permission to change one thing, because in so doing they created another gospel. They were neither permitted to change by compromise with the Jews nor by acting on their own thoughts, but they were to speak what God had given them to speak. Once one change is made there is no end to it. How far can it go? Some got so far out that they taught that Jesus was not deity (I Jn. 2:18-22). Some taught the resurrection had already past (II Tim. 2:18) as some do even today. As one who speaks for God, get out of the way and let Him speak! The power of salvation is in His word, not yours.

When speaking for God, integrity is required (II Tim. 2:2). Respect for God comes from within and from the spiritual heart. That’s faith (Rom. 10:10). When one has faith then they will respect God’s word (Psa. 119:97). Why? Because God’s word is pure (Prov. 30:5-6) and not to be corrupted by the word’s of man’s wisdom. There’s no need for man to put a word in as God’s word is all sufficient (II Tim. 3:16-17). It is in God’s word where real treasure is found.

The word of God is entrusted to us in the Gospel ( I Thes. 2:4). Our job is to speak it in love (Eph. 4:15), speak it and mean it (I Cor. 15:58), speak it only as given (John 3:34; 12:49-50) and speak it as oracles of God (I Pet. 4:11). We are given a great responsibility when speaking for God. Understand the importance and respect the power.

– David Hill