Surely no God-fearing believer would believe anything other than God designed everything with purpose. Many question the purpose of mosquitoes. I may not know the answer, but God does. One design whose purpose is clear is the home. In the beginning God made male and female, period! He took out of man—woman (Gen. 2:23) to be his helper, to complete him in every way physically. It is through woman that life is complete. It takes a woman to reproduce life (Gen. 3:20), and it is through woman that Jesus came into the world. Every home needs a father and mother, that’s God’s plan.

When considering the woman and home, it’s notable that the home begins with physical attraction. Rachel was “beautiful and well favored, and Jacob loved Rachel” (Gen. 29:17-18). That has been repeated for generations. Eve, Sarah, and Esther are a few of the women who were noted for their beauty. No apologies to be made, attraction is part of the design. Proper attraction, modest and respectful, produces natural affection, purity of desire and will, ultimately mature to marriage and a home.  Improper attraction produces lust according to Jesus (Matt. 5:27-28) and is the result of improper dress (Gen. 38), immodest dress (I Tim. 2:9) and improper behavior (I Thess. 4:3). Attraction in her proper place produces the home as God designed it.

A wise woman builds up her home (Prov. 14:1). It is the most important work she can do. It is accomplished through submitting to God (Eph. 5:21), committing to her husband (Col. 3:8) and good tending to her household (Prov. 31:27; Titus 2:5). She is to be found in righteousness (Eph. 4:24).

The wife and mother is the nurturer of the home and family. Most children when hurt or hurting go to mom. The woman adds value to the home (Prov. 31:10-31).  When she is not what she should be, neglect results and produces men and women without natural affection (Rom. 1:31). Ever asked why the nation is adrift with crime in the streets and perversion rampant? Above you have the answer. The woman, wife, mom is so important.  Why would anyone put down such an important position?

It has been said: “As the home goes, so goes the nation.” Add to that: “As goes the home, so goes the church.” The institution of home and mother was and still is important. God knew that, and it can be seen in His design. One can know for sure that woman and the home didn’t come by accident or convenience but by divine design with purpose. The refining touch of creation came when woman was “taken out of man.” She made man, the home, and the world complete. The world and the church desperately need Christian mothers and Christian homes.

-David Hill