Meet John B. Haule

Degree Sought: Doctor of Theology Degree 

John is a teacher working in Tanzania at the Andrew Connally School Of Preaching, an extension school of Bear Valley Bible Institute in Denver, CO.

John Teaching at Andrew Connally School Of Preaching

What led you to want to study with TBC? 

Because I wanted to study God’s Word to the level of a Doctorate, I searched on the internet for colleges which offer Doctorate. I found many colleges and universities and all of them agreed that I may join for studies but many of them do not offer scholarships to the students who are unable to pay. And because I am among the people who are unable to pay for studies for my salary is not enough to do that, therefore, I asked TBC if they do offer scholarship and they said yes. That made me join TBC for my further education.

What is your favorite class so far?

All the classes offered by TBC are my favorite, but I like very much A200 Medieval Philosophy.

John with his students at Andrew Connally School Of Preaching

How has TBC helped you in your ministry and work?

TBC has helped me in increasing my understanding concerning the Bible and Theology, and for that understanding as a Bible instructor I can manage the classes I teach and the ability of answering questions increased. I am not the same. My understanding increased. I thank God for everything TBC is doing for me. May God bless you.
Please share with us more information about the wonderful new school you have founded and its purpose in your Tanzanian community.
It is KISONGO BIBLE SCHOOL. Everything is ready for the school to be opened on January 11, 2021. This school will offer a one year certificate, a Two Year Diploma, and a Bachelor Degree for women only. The primary purpose and the mission is evangelism and secondary is edification for Christians. The school will receive non-Christian students and they will receive education for one year hoping that those who will have a pure heart will come to the obedience. Christians who do not have time to attend Andrew Connally School Of Preaching (ACSOP) for different reasons will be able to attend two hours a day for two years and they will be offered a Two Year Diploma for edification. The school will also offer a bachelor degree for women only because women do not have the opportunity to attend at ACSOP, therefore, this will be their only opportunity to earn a bachelor degree. The goal is to give women the ability to be good teachers of the Word so that they can have good understanding to help their fellow women and young girls. The school is fully financially supported by my family (me and my wife Cecilia).



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