Jason Gann has been a Tennessee Bible College student, faculty member and camp counselor.

Now he’s the registrar.

“I am truly honored to be a part of the administration team of Tennessee Bible College,” Gann said. “I have always said I am happy to help in any way I can, and that still remains the case.”

TBC President David Hill said, “We’ve charged him with connecting good students with Tennessee Bible College, and I am convinced he will do a great job.”

Gann’s association with TBC goes back to 1999, when he enrolled as a student.

“I was impressed with the college from day one and am thankful to have graduated with the Diploma of Preaching in 2002 and Bachelor of Arts in Bible in 2005,” he said.

Gann also holds degrees from Tennessee Tech University: Bachelor’s in Secondary Education History, Master’s in Instructional Leadership/Administration, and Specialist in Education in Instructional Leadership/Administration.

In 2009, he joined TBC’s faculty as an online teacher. He has also served as a counselor and director of TBC’s Truth Bible Day Camp for ages 9-11.

“Being able to help people grow in their knowledge of the Bible and helping to encourage them to always live for the Lord is very rewarding,” he said. “I always enjoy hearing from my former students. It is thrilling to hear that there are those who have gone on to be Gospel preachers and Bible class teachers.”

As TBC’s registrar, Gann will oversee student enrollment, as well as assist TBC’s vice president and dean, Kerry Duke, in various other works.

“I will answer any questions students may have and help make their enrollment a smooth process,” Gann said. “TBC receives much communication from the community and the world via the Internet, so I will be offering feedback related to courses and programs of study.”

In addition to his work at TBC, Gann preaches at Campaign Church of Christ in Warren County, where he has served since 2011. He is also in his 16th year of teaching in the Warren County School System.

He looks forward to his new role at TBC.

“It is a blessing to work alongside great Christian brothers and sisters in serving a student body that is exceptional,” Gann said. “I encourage anyone interested in receiving intensive, quality instruction in the Bible to enroll.”

To learn more about Tennessee Bible College, call 931-526-2616 or visit www.tn-biblecollege.edu.

-Amy Davis, TBC Correspondent