TBC’s Vice President Kerry Duke will soon have another book under his belt – “Pillars of the Faith: God, Christ, and the Bible.” The book, Volume 1 of what will be known as the Faith-Building Series, will be released in September under the college’s new TBC Press umbrella. Duke said he wrote this book because skepticism and atheism are on the rise.

“Young Christians are being challenged to defend what they believe – which is to be expected – but in many universities they are being ridiculed and not even given a chance to explain,” Duke said.

Duke noted that in former generations, most Americans agreed on the question of God, Christ and Scripture. “But today there is an increasing diversity of opinion,” he said. So in “Pillars of the Faith,” he focuses on Christian evidences, or apologetics. “Sometimes books on this subject come across as tedious and impractical, so I wrote this book without using a lot of scientific and philosophical terms,” Duke said.

“It has a more personal and conversational style.”

The book is for all ages, but especially high school-aged to millennial Christians.
A second volume of “Pillars of the Faith,” entitled “Right From the Beginning: How the First Pages of the Bible Address Moral Issues of Our Time,” will follow. “This book targets the same age group and deals with truths about right and wrong in the first 11 chapters of Genesis,” Duke said. “It deals with issues like same-sex marriage, climate change, capital punishment, treatment of animals, work ethics and other current concerns.”
-Amy Davis