Meet Charles Fraley

Degree Sought: Master of Theology Degree

TBC has been blessed to have many veterans study with the College. Charles Fraley served in the military for 15 years and 7 years in Special Forces.

Why TBC? What led you to the College? 

I became interested in TBC  because of the field of studies offered.  Whenever a person cares about their soul, and academics, and truth.  TBC seemed like a good fit to help me pursue goals that I wanted to achieve spiritually and mentally.

What courses have been your favorites so far? 

The counseling classes have been my favorite. I also enjoyed several classes that afforded me to dig into the History of Human Philosophy as well.

How has the education you have received at TBC benefited you in your daily walk with God? 

I’ve become a better defender of the Faith because I now know where a lot of the false doctrine in the world evolved from, and knowing the origins of a false doctrine makes the doctrine easier to explain and present to people to persuade them of the error.

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