Meet Clark Sims

Degree Sought: Bachelor of Religious Education 

Clark works at Upper Cumberland Turning Point as a DUI Instructor and is nearing his final year in TBC’s B.R.E. program.

What is your favorite Bible passage and why?

My favorite passage is (I John 5:4).  While going through a recovery program for drugs and alcohol this passage was above the door to my bedroom.  It took a lot of faith to leave everything I ever knew and move somewhere else without a plan. Except that I wanted to serve God and be in my boys’ lives.  It’s been through faith that God has proven over and over that He is with me.

How has your education with TBC helped you in your line of work?

I really feel my education from TBC is making a huge impact on my DUI classes.  It’s been my very purpose since starting school to reach out to others with alcohol and drug problems.  For me to be an effective teacher I must keep my own heart right and that’s the greatest thing TBC helps me do.  It helps me keep my mind on spiritual things and not on the ways of the world.  I’ve mentioned it before but TBC is not just a degree for me.  It’s far more than that.  It’s helping to save my life and in doing so I think I’ll be able to help save others.  I’ve just been certified in peer recovery as well and will be looking to put it to use.  My focus will be on drugs and alcohol and recovering through faith based treatment. I just pray many others will come to realize just how great a place TBC truly is.

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