Meet Johnny Thomas

Degree Obtained: Bachelor of Religious Education

Degree Sought: Master of Theology 

Johnny E. Thomas, Sr. has been preaching for 43 years. He loves book, chapter, and verse preaching. He and his wife Carlona have five grown children with ages ranging from 32-45. All of their children are faithful members of the church of Christ, and they have 15 grandchildren!

What led you to Tennessee Bible College?

The pleasant staff and dynamic courses with great insight.


How has TBC helped you in your ministry and spiritual growth?

TBC has done more than I ever imagined. The college has imparted spiritual knowledge to me and lifted my spirit and confidence.  The classes have given me hope and joy by improving my preaching.

What is your favorite class at TBC?

Advanced Inspiration of the Bible

To learn more, check out TBC’s Master of Theology program.