Meet Ndongesit Effeh

Degree Sought: Doctor of Theology Degree

Ndongesit studies through TBC’s Online College and preaches for the church in Nung Ikot Itam, Nigeria.

What led you to want to study with TBC? 

A personal quest to study God’s word further led me to want to study with TBC.

What is your favorite class so far?

For now, I am only enrolled in A200- MEDIAVAL PHILOSOPHY.

How has TBC helped you in your ministry and work?

The apologetic nature of A200 is actually contributing greatly to my knowledge and method of defending the truth. I believe the next course(s) I’d be enrolled in would as well add value to my ministry and work.

Can you share with us some good news and pictures from your ministry work in Nigeria?

In a quest to encourage brethren to remain within the armpit of God’s Word in issues of morality and worship, I spoke on the topic “The eternality of God and His Word” to over 400 people.







To the glory of God, Brother Akaninyene Akpan Effiong has surrendered his life to Christ through baptism. He needs great support in all areas of his spiritual journey.

The Church of Christ here in Nung Ikot Itam is growing by the day. With my study with TBC, I am optimistic that my contribution will be greatly felt in making the brotherhood doctrinally sound to the glory of God.

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