Meet Shadrack Msambaza

Degree Sought: Master of Theology Degree

Shadrack is one of TBC’s online graduate students in Tanzania.

What led you to want to study with TBC? What are some things you like about TBC’s program? 

I heard from a friend about the good quality education that TBC offers. I do not know much about TBC but two things I know for sure: the quality of their education and their kind heart to help people like me who cannot afford to pay for the fee to get such a powerful knowledge.
What is your favorite class so far?

I have just started with the A200 Medieval Philosophy. This class is one of my favorite classes!

How has TBC helped you in your ministry and work?
Though I have not finished all of my courses yet, my knowledge has expanded. With TBC I am now very confident as I teach and serve the Lord. My mind has become sharp in reasoning when it comes to the Scriptures. I can see the bright future in the service of the Lord with TBC.
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