Meet Tom Wright

Tom has a very interesting background and has been involved in church ministry for many years. He recognized the opportunity TBC’s Doctorate Program could provide and is aiming higher!

Degree Sought: Doctor of Theology Degree

Share with us your background and how you came to study with TBC.
I come from Iowa and my wife comes from Florida. I served in the USAF during the Vietnam War era, and then entered into secular work after discharge.  In my middle forties, I left secular work and entered ministry. After earning a Bachelors Degree in Theology and a Masters Degree in Biblical Studies, I worked in church ministry for several decades, and one day decided I wanted to work on a Doctorate Degree in Bible.  After researching the available online programs at several church of Christ related colleges and universities, I realized the Doctorate of Theology program at Tennessee Bible College best suited my needs and wants. Therefore, I applied to TBC’s doctorate program about four years ago, and I was readily accepted into it.  Since then, I have been taking the online Bible classes required for TBC’s Doctorate of Theology degree. 
What have you enjoyed the most about Tennessee Bible College’s Academic programs?
What I have enjoyed the most about TBC’s academic programs is their required depth of study and assignments for each class, the materials they use in teaching each class alongside the Bible, and their flexibility in allowing me the time needed (due to my personal circumstances) to successfully complete my courses and assignments.
Since you study through TBC’s Online College, share with us your experience with our online school.
My experience with TBC’s Online College has been nothing but very good. The online audios and/or videos that come with each course thoroughly detail and explain the course content and assignments. They are in-depth and thorough enough that they leave you with very little need to ask the course instructor for further explanation and/or explanation. Additionally, the course instructor is always available to you anytime you do need help with some aspect of the course or its assignments.
Do you have a favorite course/class? Instructor?
My favorite classes/courses are the language ones involving learning more about Old Testament Hebrew.  My favorite instructor is Dr. Kerry Duke because of his in-depth knowledge of the Bible, and his superior ability to both explain and teach the New Testament Greek and the Old Testament Hebrew.  
What is one thing you feel everyone should know about Tennessee Bible College?
The one thing I feel everyone should know about Tennessee Bible College is that the College is very affordable and really does teach the Bible in nothing but the truth (John 17.17).
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