It’s a time for friends and fundraising—and it’s happening this fall.


The annual Friends of Tennessee Bible College Benefit Dinner will be held Nov. 18 at 6 p.m. at the Leslie Town Centre. Tickets are $75 each, and proceeds will go toward TBC scholarships, mission works and school operations.

 “The benefit dinner has always been about one thing—supporting Tennessee Bible College and its efforts to prepare men and women to teach and defend the Gospel of Christ. The great thing about this dinner is not only are you giving to the college’s efforts, you are also able to visit and enjoy a wonderful night with the school’s amazing supporters.”


Glenn B. Ramsey, TBC Guest of Honor

This year’s guest of honor is Glenn B. Ramsey. “Brother Ramsey is deserving of honor for his 67 years of faithful service as a gospel preacher and many many years of service to TBC,” David Hill, TBC President, said.


The benefit dinner brings alumni, faculty and friends within the TBC community together for a night of connection. 


“All who attend are supporting Christian higher education as well as building long-lasting relationships,” Huddleston said.


What does TBC offer in higher education? 




“We try to be as diverse in our approach as possible,” Kerry Duke, TBC vice president, said. “We have traditional on-campus courses, but we also have many who take online courses.”


Some of the online courses are live-streamed so that students can interact with their teacher and classmates. Others are pre-recorded to accommodate those who aren’t able to take real-time courses. 

 “If you take a live class online you have the benefit of being with students from across the country and from other nations,” Duke said. “That in itself is an added education.”


TBC also offers free non-credit courses that can be taken any time.


“TBC is not a preacher training school where a student has to enroll full-time,” Duke said. “We have students who work and take a class when they can. We have men and women who just want to study the Bible more. We have preachers who need the challenge of a fresh topic of study. Some are interested in a degree while others are not.” 


Those students who are interested in a degree may work toward a two-year diploma, bachelor of religious education, master of theology and doctor of theology. 


In the words of TBC’s first president, the late Malcolm Hill, who founded TBC in 1975: “No worthy student is turned away for lack of funds.”


The annual benefit dinner helps to make sure of that.


Tickets may be purchased here or by calling TBC at 931-526-2616. In addition to the $75 per person option, guests may sponsor a table seating eight for $550.


“All are invited,” Huddleston said. “TBC is ready to have you come and be with us. The college is hosting this event in the largest event space the region offers, so please come eat, visit and enjoy.” 

-Amy Davis, TBC Correspondent