Man can attempt to destroy the things of God – but will he succeed? 


Tennessee Bible College’s annual Renew lectureship will focus on this matter Feb. 26-27 as seven speakers address various topics on the theme “Things No Man Can Destroy.” 


“It is a feature of mankind, in his finer moments, that he longs for repeatability, consistency and constancy,” said Randy Bybee, who will open the event by speaking about God’s creation. “A life without these is based on shifting sand and is both unstable and unsettling. This lectureship highlights how wise it is to ‘Hold to God’s Unchanging Hand’ and the things maintained by Him as constant. This message is sorely needed in this present day.”




The schedule is as follows: 



9 a.m. – “Creation” (Randy Bybee, Cookeville);

10 a.m. – “The Home” men’s lesson (Donny Weimar, Commerce, Texas);

10 a.m. – “The Home” women’s lesson (Brandi Gann, McMinnville);

11 a.m. – “The Church” (Larry Mitchell, Wilson, S.C.);

1 p.m. – “The Church” (Kerry Duke, Livingston);

2 p.m. – “The Word” (Jim Lewis, Chattanooga).



9 a.m. – “The Promise of God” (Mark Mitchell, Wilson, S.C.);

10 a.m. – “The Plan of Salvation” (M. Mitchell).


“God’s creation is one of the most fundamental truths presented in the Bible,” Bybee, who ministers at Pippin Church of Christ, said of his topic. “It is used as evidence for the existence and the unsurpassed magnificence of God. Furthermore, it is a presumed reality upon which the remaining chapters of the Bible are based. Without an appreciation for the Bible doctrine of creation, much of the Bible crumbles into contradiction or absurdity.”


Gann stressed the importance of her topic, “The Home,” which will be shared in a class for women.


“A study on the home is so needed in today’s society, where so many families are divided by divorce and other reasons,” she said. “The future of the church of Christ begins in the home, and we must teach ourselves and our young ladies the importance of keeping a home where God is the center.”


Gann noted that many of today’s homes “do not have God in them.”


“By looking at what a Christian home should be like, we can help women of all ages work toward helping themselves and their families reach their eternal home in Heaven,” she said. “As a Christian counselor, it is my hope that every lady that leaves this session will be better equipped with tools and techniques that will help her reach her potential in her home while working to help her home reach its potential.”


Bybee added, “All who attend my lecture on creation and other sessions should have a reinforced faith in Biblical creation and some other things that man cannot change.”

The Renew lectureship will take place on the TBC campus at 1616 McCulley Road in Cookeville and Northeast Church of Christ, next door to the college. The event also includes a barbecue lunch Saturday at noon, president’s chicken dinner Sunday at 5 p.m. and Renew singing at 6 p.m. Everyone is welcome.

For more information, call 931-526-2616 or visit

-Amy Davis, TBC Correspondent