Serving the Lord comes at a cost. It’s been a very expensive undertaking through the centuries. Lives lost, jail time, friendships broken, rejection, all forms of persecution all resulting from confessing Jesus Christ is Lord. The choice is individual in nature to either confess Jesus as Lord or to deny Him (Matt. 10:32-33). Either way a price will be paid for the confession. A. J. Hodge in 1923 penned the verse: “Have you counted the cost if your soul should be lost?”

Have you considered the cost of confession made at marriage? When husband and wife confess love and commitment at marriage that is a very serious confession, one that is to last for a lifetime (Matt. 19:9). Over a lifetime together thousands upon thousands of dollars will be spent just to live. Medical bills, long workdays on and on—the cost is very high. Aches, pains, suffering from labor and toil are part of the price to be paid in marriage. So it is with the good confession that Jesus Christ is Lord (Acts 8:37). Jesus told His disciples that they would endure scourging, division of family, “hated by all,” even treated like the devil (Matt. 10:16-26). The apostle Paul gives God’s assurance that all who would live godly in Christ Jesus, shall suffer persecution” (II Tim. 3:12).

Confessing Christ means suffering. Confession that saves eternally means more than just idle words spoken. Some might try the doctrine of “once confessed always confessed.” Will that work in a marriage? To maintain a saved relationship in Christ confession is made daily. Though not always verbalized, the good confession will be seen and heard by and through a life lived in obedience and dedication to Christ. In hardtimes Peter learned just how difficult this daily confession can be (Luke 22:33-34; 54-62). In good times it is easier, but loyalty of service “enduring” is required (Matt. 10:22). It is labor intensive (James 2:29), and glorifies the Father in Heaven (Matt. 5:16).

Confessing Christ brings a greater confession. Those not willing to make the true confession will not receive the greater (Matt. 7:23). Those loving the glory of men will not receive the greater (John 12:42). But, if one will follow the example of the good confession of Christ “before Pontius Pilate” (I Tim. 6:13), then they will receive the greater confession of Christ confessing them before the Father which is in Heaven (Matt.10:33).

Confession as patterned by Jesus is made in the presence of enemies. It is done in full faith without regard for life with enduring love. This is the example He set before all. The Lord neither denied who He was, the son of God, nor did He ever deny God. His life declared both every day He was upon the earth. What price did He pay? That is the cost of confession. Have you counted the cost of your confession? Declare Christ in all of life, and He will declare you and give you a home with Him in Heaven.

-David Hill