The voting booth is heated. The contest is fuming with discord between government ideals. I do not vote for Jesus for one reason and one reason alone.

Jesus is already King above any government. The only way we Christian Americans are going to win our governors back to integrity is to get Jesus into them. Corruption, lies and deception have been around since Eden. God’s solution was to change the environment of fallen mankind, into one that is conducive to soul winning. The same is with our government. Until our governing body recognizes the exclusive Way to peace and prosperity, we will remain depraved, decadent and dishonorable – in the eyes of the Maker of civil authority. I  don’t have to vote for Jesus because He is already the Highest Governor regardless of whether I favor Him or not. My God is the highest above all mankind’s gods. My Spirit is the highest above all spirits. And, my LORD is the highest above all lords.

-Donny Weimar