One Gospel Minute

Jun 13, 2024

The Value of a Good Father

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A prevalent issue observed by educators, counselors, and ministers is the absence of fathers at home, leading to problems among children. This deficiency disrupts God’s original design of a home, as described in Genesis 2, which includes both a father and a mother. Tampering with this design results in a flawed system impacting not only the home but also the church and society. Fathers, their presence and role are crucial for a balanced home and society.


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  • Scriptures: Genesis 2; Gen. 1:28; Matt. 19:6; Eph. 5:23



David Hill: The value of a good father, Who can know it? Hi, I’m David Hill. As I talk to educators, counselors, and ministers I’m hearing a consistent message. Many fathers are MIA, missing in action. Several educators I respect, who work with problem children, tell me the same thing. The source of the problem with the children is there’s no father at home.

That’s a deficiency. God the Creator designed the home to have a mother and a father. When men and women tamper with God’s design, a flawed system results. God created the home, Genesis 2, with a man, husband, father, and a woman, wife, mother. To that union children were to be born (Gen. 1:28).

Jesus said the design was not to be tampered with (Matt. 19:6). Each has their individual design in the home (Eph. 5:23) and that compared with Christ in His church. You see the gospel speaks to the home as God would have it. How about it Dad? Are you doing your job? The work of the father’s important in the home, which directly affects the church and society.

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