Perhaps the greatest sin of our day which is committed by members of the church of Christ is the sin of silence.  Most preachers of the present generation are guilty of this sin, along with most members of the church.  Many know the truth of Christianity but they will not speak up nor stand up for Jesus.  You see, they do not want to get involved.

There is a time to speak (Eccl. 3:7).  Esther was told when the Jewish nation was in danger of being destroyed that she was there for such a time to speak out (Est. 4:14).  God told Israel that if they hid their eyes from the man who offered his child to Molech, he would be killed (Lev. 20:4-5).  God will not put up with such foolishness and hold blameless those who play shut-mouth when they should be speaking against sin and sinners. 

Don’t call yourself a good Christian when you have so little backbone that you will not speak up for Jesus.  Cowards are hellbound (Rev. 21:8).  And do not make up a bunch of excuses thinking God will let you by with them.  He became very angry many times in the Old Testament when His people tried to get by with flimsy excuses.

We hear these excuses for not getting involved and speaking up for Christ all the time.  Some will say, “Well I did not know,” when in reality He has already passed judgment on the Holy Bible and they know this.  Some will say, “I am giving it time,” when in reality they have had more time than needed.  Others will say, “Well, he or she is a pretty good person.”  If they are pretty good people, why are they where they are?  Some just plainly will not say anything.  I really believe there are those who would not holler  “sooie” if the hogs were eating them up.

For the past twenty-five years I have been calling on preachers and faithful Christians to speak up for the Lord’s cause.  Many preachers will be on programs with false teachers and those who sympathize with false teachers and never say a word even though they know what has taken place.  We have not rebuked because these folks have refused to disfellowship, but our rebuke has been because they have not spoken out against such sinful activity.  When members of the church attend where they will not rebuke false teachers and false practice, they commit sin.  Paul rebuked Peter to the face because he was guilty (Gal. 2:11-14).  Paul said false teachers must sometimes be rebuked sharply (Tit. 1:13).  Please notice the word “sharply.”  Christians are to reprove, rebuke, and exhort (II Tim. 4:1-3).  When we have the Bible behind us, we are to rebuke with all authority (Tit. 2:15).  

How long is it going to take brethren to stand up and speak out for the Lord?  It seems that some have the cart before the horse.  They rebuke the righteous for standing up and speaking out, but tolerate all manner of sin, even those living in adultery and those who have been guilty of sexual immorality.  This tells us much about people and their religion.  

Malcolm L. HillJanuary 12, 1934 – June 26, 2012

Malcolm Hill, Founder of Tennessee Bible College