Earthly things change but the things of God do not (Psalm 102:26-27; James 1:17). God’s Word, the Truth, endures forever (Psalm 100:5). Some today hold the view, whether stated or practiced, that the word of God is fluid and must change with the times. This view is not supported by the authority of God. Wisdom comes from God (II Tim. 3:15). It is true and timeless. God’s word is the sure thing, and you can know it (John 8:32). It has real value—thus profitable and containing the body of instruction which comes from God—doctrine (John 7:17), good doctrine (I Tim. 4:6).

The word of God is what completes man. It satisfies a longing of man to know the Truth (Psalm 119:99). David of old surpassed his teachers in that he did something they must not have done. He studied, meditated (that is to know, consider and practice) in the Word of God. By and through this practice both he and we can and will receive life-changing guidance (II Tim. 3:16). It is above all others. Completeness comes in knowing the Word (Rom. 1:20). That is the complete understanding of God, His will and way. There are many things one can know of God by the physical evidence of creation (Psalm 19:1-3), but to know what needs to be known for salvation and full understanding, one must contact the revealed word of God—the Bible.

There are many published and spoken words, but only the word of the Lord is truly worthy (Rev. 4:11). It is worthy because He is worthy. It is worthy because in it one will find the worthy acceptable way that leads to righteousness. It is worthy because of purity, it comes from a “Holy, Holy, Holy” God (Isa. 6:3; Rev. 4:8). It is by and through His Word that sanctification is possible (John 17:17). God’s Word will be the worthy judge (Rev. 20:12) of our actions with God the righteous Judge passing final judgment from our response to it. God’s Word is worthy.

The Word of God is an honored contender. Yes, it is battle ready (Eph. 6:13-19), and is an honored contender (Jude 3). It was once and for all times delivered to the saints, that one may be “complete, throughly furnished unto every good work.”

All that we need He freely supplies through His Word of truth (II Tim. 3:15-4:5). All things that pertain to life and godliness (II Pet. 1:3) are found in the holy scriptures. Why do men, women, boys and girls seek more or something else?

The Word of God is timeless in message and value, complete in every way and will endure to the end (Matt. 24:35). Does it apply today? Yes, as much as it ever has applied to anyone, and will be applicable long after we’re gone. It’s given by almighty God and set in eternity. The Truth never changes or has an end—it is the Truth. Do you want the sure thing? “Buy the Truth and sell it not” (Prov. 23:23). 

– David Hill, President of Tennessee Bible College

The RENEW lectureship theme this year was the second part in TBC’s series on ‘Things No Man Can Destroy.’ To listen to the audio lessons please visit here