The morals of the United States have dropped to an all-time low.  Ladies like to show their nakedness.  It is not strange that men follow along in their exposure.  The speech of the average American is filled with rottenness and putridity and by taking the name of God in vain.  Getting drunk and drinking parties, along with doping it up, are a common thing in the land.  Mothers and fathers are more interested in their children being accepted than they are in purity and righteousness.  Lying, cheating, gambling, drinking a few beers, going where one pleases, and doing what one pleases is the going thing.  If you want to become extremely unpopular, stand up for the Bible and doing things the Bible way.

Adultery and fornication do not bring even a small blush these days.  Some older people are living with each other out of wedlock.  This is done because the government would withdraw their support to the couple if they got married.  Adultery is still an abomination before God.  Marriage is honorable in all the bed undefiled but whoremongers and sinners God will judge (Heb. 13:4).  Can you believe that people love just a small amount of money more than they do the eternal destiny of their soul?

Young people talk as openly and unashamedly about having children out of wedlock as those do who are living in the will of God when it comes to marriage.  Some children do not know whom their father is and some mothers do not know because they have gone to bed with many different parties.

Where do parents stand with reference to their children?  Let me say, where do some members of the church stand with reference to their children and immorality?  Some parents furnish their children a place to live even though they are living with a “live-in.”  Sometimes the parents share their home with a son or daughter who lives with their lover out of wedlock.  What on earth has happened to the decency and righteousness of such parents?  Such parents are helping send their children to eternal hell.  Would these parents help their children steal, lie, cheat, get on and stay on illegal drugs, etc.?  I dare say they would not in most cases.  Well, how can such action be consistent when many parents are helping their children to live out of wedlock thus living in adultery or fornication?  If one is going to do the one, then why not do all the other things mentioned?  

We are living in a helter-skelter, mixed-up,  dismal ball these days.  When will we spin out of it?  Will we spin out of it?  God only knows!

– Malcolm Hill (January 12, 1934- June 26, 2012)